Split Ticketing on TTS Corporate

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Split Ticketing on TTS Corporate can revolutionize your corporate travel experience by saving you money and providing greater flexibility. In this article, we will explore the benefits of Split Ticketing and provide a practical example to help you understand its potential.

Split Ticketing is a travel strategy that involves dividing a journey into multiple segments or tickets instead of booking a single ticket for the entire trip. By strategically combining different tickets for each leg of your journey, you can take advantage of cost savings and optimize your travel budget.



Let's say you are traveling from New York City to London. Instead of booking a direct flight, you decide to employ Split Ticketing:

Segment 1: New York City to Dublin

Segment 2: Dublin to London

By booking separate tickets for each segment, you can explore different airline options and potentially find lower fares for your overall journey.


Benefits of Split Ticketing on TTS Corporate:

  • Cost Savings: Split Ticketing allows you to compare prices for each segment, potentially resulting in significant savings compared to a single-ticket option.
  • Flexibility: You have the freedom to choose different airlines, flight times, and layover options for each segment, tailoring your travel arrangements to your preferences and schedule.
  • Integration with TTS Corporate: Split Ticketing seamlessly integrates into the TTS Corporate platform, making it easy to activate and incorporate into your travel planning.


How to Activate Split Ticketing on TTS Corporate:


  1. Go to "My Account" and navigate to the "Companies" section.
  2. Select your company and click on the editing icon (pencil) to modify settings.
  3. Scroll down to "Flight Search Options" and enable the "Split Ticketing" feature.




Please be aware that this feature is only available for agencies connected to the GDS with UAPI and with Split Ticketing product activated by Travelport. If you activate this option and Travelport had not activated it for your agency, we will request its activation to Travelport. Until its activation for your credentials, air search results will only include “Best Buy” results.

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