What are the advantages of using the graphical interface in TTS WebAgent Mobile compared to the traditional cryptic interface?

Claudia Lopes -

The graphical interface of TTS WebAgent Mobile significantly enhances the content and offerings available for travel agents. A key advantage is the access to an extensive range of flight options, including more than 400 Low-Cost Carriers alongside traditional carriers. Additionally, the upcoming integration of NDC (New Distribution Capability) content will further expand the range of available flight options and booking capabilities.

Screenshot 2024-03-18 at 14.52.42.png

Besides this, TTS WebAgent Mobile's graphical interface is aesthetically appealing, simple to use, and spares agents from having to memorize complicated instructions, making it perfect for travel agents who are just starting in the travel industry. This way, the graphical interface improves productivity, streamlines the booking process, and facilitates effective task completion for travel agents of all experience levels.

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