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My PNRs offer a list of the latest PNRs you accessed.

TTS WebAgent - Mobile

To access My PNRs, open the Terminal Menu:

terminal my pnr.png


Click on the three dots in the right bottom corner of the screen:

Picture 1.png

Go to the Tools tab:

Picture 2.png

And click "My PNRs". My PNRs are a list of the latest PNRs you created, opened, or changed.






TTS WebAgent - Desktop

In your cryptic terminal click on the three lines in the bottom left corner of your terminal.

Picture 4.png

Then click on tools.

Picture 5.png

Select the “My PNRs” option. 

Picture 6.png

My PNRs are stored in the cloud, so the information is synchronized between devices with TTS WebAgent Mobile and TTS Web Agent Desktop, meaning that if you access a PNR on your smartphone and later you access the Latest PNRs in your tablet or on your desktop, that PNR will appear in the list there too.



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