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Settings allow you to set the environment that suits you best. You can:

1. Save SON and PCC

It stores your SON and PCC so you don’t have to type all your credentials when you log in.

2. Enhanced results

Allows you to activate/deactivate the enhanced results view.

3. Auto-execute history

Allows you to activate/deactivate immediate execution when you click a command stored in History. If it’s deactivated, the command selected is automatically written in the terminal command line (so you can edit it) and you need to click “enter” to execute it.

4. Keep the keyboard open

When activated it keeps the keyboard always open which means that the keyboard will not be hidden automatically when you click “enter”. This feature is very valuable when using a physical keyboard.

5. Text Size Portrait

It allows you to set the text size for portrait orientation.

6. Text Size Landscape

It allows you to set the text size for landscape orientation.

7. Quick Keys

Allows you to add 11 keyboard characters of your choice to the terminal custom keys menu. Just click a quick key field and choose a character from the keyboard. You will not be able to change the last character (shown in light grey).

The settings "Enhanced results", "Auto execute history", "Quick keys" and "News providers" are stored in the cloud, so the information is synchronized between TTS WebAgent Mobile and TTS Web Agent, meaning that if you change one of these settings in your smartphone you change it for other devices where you use TTS WebAgent Mobile or where you access TTS Web Agent, no need to change it again.

TTS WebAgent - Mobile


TTS WebAgent - Desktop


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