Setting up NDC configurations

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After activating and setting up your TravelFusion with agency account, you can now start managing your NDC content, go to "Settings" > Content > Travelfusion Flights, as seen below. If you haven’t activated your Travelfusion with agency account, click here to learn how to do it.

Travelfusion Flight Menu.png

Click on the "NDC" tab from the bar.

NDC In Travelfusion menu.png

Once on this page, you can select if you want BSP Payment to be activated in a specific airline for a specific company

    1. Select a company

  • Look for the 'Company' dropdown.
  • Click on the dropdown menu to expand the list of options.
  • Select the specific company for which you want to activate BSP payments.


   2. Type Airline Name or Code:

  • In the 'Carrier Name' field, type the name of the airline for which you want to activate BSP payments.


   3. Select BSP Payment Type:

  • Select the option that allows 'BSP' for the type of payment.


   4. Finalize the Configuration:

  • After selecting the 'BSP' option click on save to complete the process


Now you can move along to the next tab "Preferences" if you want to add preferred and/or blacklisted Travelfusion Flights. Click here to know more.

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