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History stores the last commands you used. To execute a command stored in history, open the Right Panel, go to the History tab and click on the command you wish to execute.

If the feature “Auto execute history” is activated in Settings, the command will be executed immediately otherwise the command will appear in the command line, you can change it if you want and hit “ENTER” in your keyboard to execute it.

History is stored in the cloud, so the information is synchronized between TTS Web Agent and Travelport Mobile Agent, meaning that if you use a command in TTS Web Agent, you will see it also in the history area on your tablet or smartphone when using Travelport Mobile Agent. The list is exactly the same in TTS Web Agent and in the devices where you use Travelport Mobile Agent.


Keyboard short cuts
You can also navigate history with your keyboard without having to go to the right panel.
When the focus is on the command line, use the up and down keys to navigate between the commands recently used, after reaching the command you are looking for hit "enter".
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