Terminal | Right Panel - My PNRs

Rui Figueiredo -

My PNRs offers a list of the latest PNRs you accessed. To access My PNRs, open the Right Panel and go to "My PNRs" tab. Latest PNRs are a list of the latest PNRs you created, opened or changed. To access a specific PNR just click on the PNR in the list.


My PNRs is stored in the cloud, so the information is synchronized between TTS Web Agent and Travelport Mobile Agent, meaning that if you access a PNR in TTS Web Agent and later you access My PNRs in your Travelport Mobile Agent on your tablet or smartphone, that PNR will appear in the list there too. The list is exactly the same in TTS Web Agent and in the devices where you use Travelport Mobile Agent.



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