PKeys Management in TTS Web Agent

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PKeys configuration allows you to store simple or complex commands (with or without variables) so you don't have to type everything when using the terminal. You can store frequent commands, the complex ones and those you rarely use and keep forgetting the format. To access PKeys configuration just go to the Main Menu and click on PKeys.

You will then access the configuration area which will allow you to:

  1. Create a new PKey
  2. Edit the PKeys' list
  3. See a list of all the PKeys configured; to edit a PKey just click on the PKey you want to enter.


Create/Edit a PKey
To create a new PKey, click on the “+” icon on the top right and:

  1. Fill in the PKey name
  2. Write the command you wish to store
  3. If you want to add variables, just write the command and when you want to add a variable, write its name in the variable name field and click “add”, the variable will then be added to the command field. (If you want to delete a variable just click “x” in the variable)
  4. Activate “Auto execute” if you wish that the command is executed immediately on click; if you don’t activate it, when you execute a PKey, the associated command will be written in the command line of the terminal and to execute it you will have to hit "ENTER"
  5. To store the PKey click on “Save” on the top right.
  6. To go back to the PKeys list click on "Cancel" on the top left.
  7. To edit a PKey just enter in the PKey, make the change you want and click "Save".

Edit the PKeys list
To edit the PKeys list touch "Edit". You will then be able to delete PKeys. To go back to the normal mode, touch "Edit" again.

PKeys are stored in the cloud, so the information is synchronized between TTS Web Agent and Travelport Mobile Agent, meaning that if you create/change/delete a Pkey in TTS Web Agent you will see it also in your tablet or smartphone when using Travelport Mobile Agent, no need to add it again. The list is exactly the same in TTS Web Agent or in the devices where you use Travelport Mobile Agent.


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