Settings in TTS Web Agent

Rui Figueiredo -

Settings allow you to set the environment as suits you best. You can:

1. Save SON and PCC
It stores your SON and PCC so you don’t have to type all your credentials when you login.

2. Enhanced results
Allows you to activate/deactivate the enhanced results view.

3. Auto execute history
Allows you to activate/deactivate immediate execution when you touch a command stored in History. If it’s deactivated, the command selected is automatically written in the terminal command line (so you can edit it) and you need to hit “enter” to execute it.

4. Keep Terminal Right Panel open
When activated, the Terminal Right Panel is always open which means it will not close when you run a command from the panel. This feature is particularly useful when working with big screens since they offer a wider work environment allowing you to have your tools more accessible.

5. Text Size
It allows you to set the text size for landscape orientation.

6. News providers
Allows you to select the news providers you wish to add to the news feed, to do it just leave selected the ones from whom you want to read news. You will not be able to deactivate TTS.

The settings "Enhanced results", "Auto execute history" and "News providers" are stored in the cloud, so the information is synchronized between TTS Web Agent and Travelport Mobile Agent, meaning that if you change one of these settings in TTS Web Agent you change it also for Travelport Mobile Agent, no need to change it again.

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