How can I email an itinerary?

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All GDS cores have their own commands for itinerary emailing in plain English.


For instance, steps to send an Email by Apollo users:

 1. Enter at least one email address in the Phone field.

Note: Use -- for underscore ( _ ) and // for AT sign ( @ )
2. Enter Received field.
example: R:DIANA
3. Enter applicable EM format to send Email and end transact.
example: EM (end-mail)
Note: Email cannot be sent while PNR is in use.


By Galileo users:

To email an itinerary to your customer, you must end an retrieve the Booking File, and add a Received From field before you make the final entry to send the email.
EM - Send email to default address (First email address found)
Note: The email field (MT) takes precedence over an email address stored in the phone field.
EMALL - Send email to all email addresses
Sends email to all email addresses, phone and mail (MT) email addresses stored in the PNR


You can check the respective entries and full commands at ASK Travelport or contact Travelport Helpdesk to learn more about it.




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