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The login is required to access the Terminal, Pkeys and Settings.
When the app prompts you to log in, just use your GDS credentials: 

Galileo and Apollo users
Fill in your SON, Password, PCC and choose your GDS. The Password to be used is the same you have for your GDS access

Worldspan user
Fill in your BSI agent ID (example 4563GH), Password, SID and choose your GDS. The Password to be used is the one you find at the end of your BSI command

Password = NYPDT340 


img: Travelport Mobile Agent


Note: You can’t be logged in several devices at the same time. If you are logged in in one device and try to log in another device without signing off the previous device, the first session will be terminated.


If you haven't yet requested the access to Travelport Mobile Agent, follow the instructions here.





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