1. Setting up your TTS WeBook Booking Engine

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When your TTS WeBook Booking Engine is provisioned and you receive your admin credentials you should configure your TTS WeBook Booking Engine before integrating its iframe on your internet pages. To do it, log in with your admin credentials, and click on the link "Settings" on the top of the page and you will see the following page. You will need to scroll down to see all the parameters you can customize.

You will be able to:

- Specify the Reservations Queue: define the Queue where you wish to send the bookings created via TTS WeBook Booking Engine

- Define if you want to include ticket fee in search result prices or not

- Set up your reservation days logic: define the minimum number of reservation advance days and non-working days

Adding your agency Terms and Conditions for your clients to read and accept at booking time

- Customize the confirmation page text and email texts: add your personal touch and the information you find relevant to the booking confirmation page and emails

- Activate Payment to request credit card details to your customers

- Set up your colour scheme: customize the iframe colour scheme to reflect your brand and fit perfectly on the internet page where you want to integrate the iframe

- Add custom remarks: add the remark fields you want to add to the bookings

- Set up your fees: define the fees you wish to apply

- Define your blacklisted carriers: add the carriers you want to block from appearing on the flight results

- Define your recommended carriers: add the carriers you wish to mark as recommended on the flight results page

Specify the private fares you wish to include in search results.



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