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Rui Figueiredo -

Pkeys execution allows you to execute the PKeys you stored. To execute a Pkey already stored, open the Terminal Menu, go to the PKeys tab and touch on the Pkey you wish to execute. 

If the Pkey has the Auto Execute active and has no variables, the Pkey will be executed right away, otherwise the command will appear in the command line and you will have to click “enter” in the keyboard.

If the Pkey contains variables it will prompt you to ask you the values for your Pkey variables. The variable name will appear in grey in the text box (1), after writing the value of the variable just hit “check” (2). If the Auto-Execute is active for that Pkey, it will be executed right after you enter the last variable value, otherwise the command will appear in the command line. To close the Pkey overlay just touch the X button (3).


Pkeys are stored in the cloud, so the information is synchronized between Travelport Mobile Agent and TTS Web Agent, meaning that if you create/change/delete a Pkey in your smartphone when using Travelport Mobile Agent you will see it also in your tablet or in your laptop when accessing TTS Web Agent, no need to add it again. The list is exactly the same in the devices you use Travelport Mobile Agent and in TTS Web Agent.


Learn how to create Pkeys here.

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