Request Access to Travelport Mobile Agent

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To request access to Travelport Mobile Agent, you should install Travelport Mobile Agent so you can make the request from the app. If you have already installed Travelport Mobile Agent go to Step 2.


Step 1: Installing Travelport Mobile Agent

The link below will take you to Travelport Mobile Agent at Google Play Store: 

The link below will take you to Travelport Mobile Agent at Apple App Store:


Step 2: Click on "Terminal"


Step 3: Click on "touch here" link highlighted in the image below


Step 4: This screen explains that to access your GDS on Travelport Mobile Agent, you need to have a valid Travelport Agent SignOn with the Travelport Mobile Agent access activated and allows to proceed to "Request Access". To proceed with the request, click "Next".


Step 5: Select your GDS


Step 6: Select your Country


Step 7: Fill-in the form and click SUBMIT


After clicking on "Submit" you will then receive an email with the instructions to request that Travelport Mobile Agent be activated for your Travelport Agent SignOn.

While you wait for your request to be provisioned, you can start using the app and access the public areas of the application: News, Help, Social and More.




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