8. Set up your color scheme

Rui Figueiredo -

You can customize the iframe color scheme to reflect your brand and fit perfectly in the internet page where you want to integrate the iframe.

You can setup your color scheme in the "Settings" page of your backoffice. To do it, go to the Settings page in your backoffice and scroll down until you find the "Colors Configuration" block.

You have 5 parameters you can change:


1. Buttons Text: allows you to customize the color of the text that appears in the buttons so that you can use a lighter or darker color in the buttons and be able to adapt the color of the call to action text accordingly.

2. Background: allows to you define the color of the background on the internet booking engine to seamlessly fit in a webpage that has a background color.

3. Links and Buttons: allows you to change the color of the buttons and links (elements with which you can interact with) so they can look exactly like the ones on your website.

4. No interaction icons and text: allows you to set the color of the text and icons that don't accommodate interaction.

5. Details Background: allows you to set the color of the expandable areas that show additional information like filter and flight details.

Check the images below to see how this color scheme will appear in the booking engine.



 Store changes by clicking "Save" on the beginning or end of the General section. 

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