11. Define your blacklisted carriers

Rui Figueiredo -

You might want to block some carriers from appearing in the search results.

To do it, go to the Settings page in your backoffice and scroll down until you find the "Blacklisted Carriers" block. The carriers you add to the Blacklisted Carriers' block will not appear in the search results.


Add a carrier as blacklisted
Start writing the carrier name or code at the field that shows the hint "Insert carrier/code", and the carrier names that contains the string you wrote will appear as a list. Select the one you wish to add and click on the button "Add".



Remove a carrier from the blacklisted carriers
To remove a carrier click on the "cross" icon that appears associated with the carrier you want to remove. If you have a long list, you can search the carrier in the field with the hint "Search carrier/code", just start typing the carrier name or code you want to remove and the list will be filtered accordingly. To stop filtering, delete whatever you wrote.




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