6. Customize the confirmation page text and email texts

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You can personalize the text displayed in the beginning of the booking confirmation page and the content of the booking confirmation email.

To do it, go to the "Settings" page in your backoffice and scroll down until you find the "Booking Confirmation Texts Configuration" block and write the texts you wish to use.


Booking confirmation page text

You can add a custom text to the booking confirmation page. It will appear after the text block that confirms the booking.

"Your booking is confirmed.
Booking Code: ABCDEF"

The booking confirmation page is different if you want to request payment or not so this text should also be adapted to what you setup regarding payment. 


If you don't want to request payment

You can use this text to add payment details and your contacts or other information you find relevant. Please check the example below. 


If you want to request payment

You can use this text to request payment details. Please check the example below. 


Booking Confirmation Email

You can customize your booking confirmation email subject, body, booking details title and footer. Note that the confirmation email is sent right after the booking is made, which means that if you want to activate payments through FOP, the email is sent before collecting the credit card details so your text should take that into consideration.

1. Booking confirmation email | Subject: this text will appear after the "|"

2. Booking confirmation email | Body: this text will appear in the beginning of the email

3. Booking confirmation email | Booking details title: this text will appear after the "Confirmation Email | Body" and is the title of the booking details block.

4. Booking confirmation email | Footer: this text will appear at the end of the email.



Store changes by clicking "Save" on the beginning or end of the Main section. 

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