10. Set up your fees

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You can setup your fees in the "Settings" page of your backoffice.

To do it, go to the Settings page in your backoffice and scroll down until you find the "Fees" block. You will be able to create Ticket Fees and XP. XP is a tax only applied in specific markets, if your market doesn't use this tax don't add any fees of this type.

XP will be added to the reservation file fare in the standard format as a tax.


Create a Fee

To create a fee, click on the "New Fee" button. 


An overlay form will appear for you to fill-in with your fee parameters.


A fee has several parameters to be able to support simple and complex business models:

1. Fee Type
Select the type of fee you want to add. You can select between Ticket Fees and XP.

2. Flight Type
Some agencies have different fees per flight type so this field allows you to select between Domestic, International and Intercontinental flights.

3. Journey Type
Some agencies have different fees per type of journey so this field allows you to select between One Way, Round Trip and Multi-destination.

4. By fare range
If you want to apply different fees for different fare levels select this option and the field "Up to" will appear for you to define the fare level.

4.1. Up to
This field appears only if the option "By fare range" is selected and lets the user define the fare level until which the fee is applicable.

Example: if you want to apply a ticket fee of 10USD for fares lower then 700USD and 30USD for fares higher than 700USD in international round trip journeys, you will need to create two fee entries to cover this case, you select "by fare range" in both fees and:
- in one of the fees you insert "700" in the "Up to" field and
- on the other fee you insert a really big value on the "Up to" field (to cover values higher then 700) like you can see in the image below.

5. Fee Value
This field allows the agency to input the fee absolute value that the agency wants to apply.
You can accumulate an absolute fee value with a relative (%) fee (in this case you will need to fill-in the next fields too).
If your agency uses a percentage fee model only, leave this field empty.

6. Fee %
This field allows the agency to input the relative/percentage fee that the agency wants to apply. When you input a percentage in this field, a new field will appear below for you to specify over which value you want to apply it: fare or fare+taxes.

6.1. Fee based on
This field appears only when the field "Fee %" is selected and it asks you over which value you want to apply the Fee %: fare or fare+taxes.
- "Fare": it will apply the Fee % over the fare amount only
- "Fare + taxes": it will apply the Fee % over the fare amount plus airport taxes


Edit a Fee

To edit a fee just click on the "pencil" icon of the fee you wish to edit, change the information you want to and click on "Save".



Delete a Fee

To delete a fee just click on the "cross" icon of the fee you wish to delete and confirm your action in the message box that requests your confirmation.


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