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To build a recommended carriers list, click on Settings in your menu and scroll down until you find the recommended carriers section like the one you see below.


Adding a carrier to the list

Using the form

To add a recommended carrier, just start typing the carrier name or code you wish to add to the list in the field marked below and click on the button Save. 

The carrier will then be added to the list.

Import from a file

If you have a long list of recommended carriers it might be easier to import the information from a file, to do it click on the "export template" link and save the template file, then fill-in the file with the carrier codes you wish to add (and carrier names if you want but the names are not necessary).

Additional notes

If you try to add a carrier already added the recommended carriers or to the blacklisted carriers, the application will alert about it.


Removing a carrier from the list

To remove a carrier from the recommended carriers list, click on the cross icon placed inline with the carrier you want to remove.


If you have a long list, you can first search for the carrier you are looking for to locate it. 


Searching carriers in the list

Users can search for a carrier. To do it start typing the carrier name or code you wish to search in the box highlighted below and the matching results will start appear immediately as you type.


Showing to sub-agencies the consolidator/host agency recommended carriers

Sub-agency users will be able to see the carriers his consolidator/host agency has already added. The carriers inherited from the consolidator/host agency will be marked as follows.



Check out how recommended carriers are highlighted here.





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