What happens when a booking is made on TTS Corporate?

Claudia Lopes -

When a user makes a GDS booking, the booking is sent to the Booking Queue assigned to that user /traveller and an email notification is sent to the Booking Agent assigned to the traveller (Approver).

To request ticketing, a user with access to that booking needs to click on the "Request Ticketing" button (as seen below).

Only then will the booking be sent to the Ticketing Queue assigned and a ticketing request email notification will be sent to the Ticketing Agent of that traveller.


1. booking confirmation page, which appears when the booking is made, and the referred button is available right away if the traveller does not need to be approved.


Below is an example of TripDetail page, which is accessible when opening a booking in the application. On this case, booking is also confirmed and approved and waiting for ticketing.


Bookings made in other content providers may be subject to a different logic.

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