Creating Custom Titles

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TTS WeBook Booking Engine supports the following globally accepted titles by all airlines: MASTER, MISS, MR, MRS, MS, MSTR.

If you want, you can add your own custom titles, however, please note that some airlines may not support them and TTS cannot be held responsible for any booking error resulting from the use of custom titles.

Custom titles will be shown together with the ones supported by default by TTS WeBook Booking Engine. The default titles can't be deleted.

To add custom titles, go to the "Settings" page in your backoffice and scroll down until you find the "Custom Titles" block.


Create a Custom Title

To add a custom title, write the title in the input box and click on the "Add" button.

The custom title will be added to the list.


Delete a Custom Title

To delete a custom title, click on the "cross" icon that appears associated with the custom title you want to remove.


Displaying Custom Titles in the Booking Page

Custom titles will appear as options, together with the default titles, in the title dropdown available in the booking page. All titles will appear ordered alphabetically.




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