7. Activate payment for your bookings

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You can decide if you want to activate payments for your bookings by requesting credit card information. If you decide to do so, when the booking is confirmed, TTS WeBook Booking Engine will request the credit card details to the user and will add them to the Form of Payment (FOP) field of the PNR.

You can activate this option in the "Settings" page of your backoffice. To do it, go to the Settings page in your backoffice and scroll down until you find the "Payment" block.



To activate the credit card details request, just select the option "Activate payments through FOP" you see below.

When you select the box, you can set up the text that will be shown on the Payment confirmation page. Note that, TTS WeBook Booking Engine doesn't process the payment, it adds the credit card details to the FOP field of the PNR.

If you were already using TTS WeBook Booking Engine without this option and you want to activate the payment through FOP, we suggest that you review your Booking Confirmation Page text and your Booking confirmation email body.

Store changes by clicking "Save" on the beginning or end of the Main section.  


Booking Flow 

When the Payments through FOP option is activated, the booking flow has 5 steps instead of 4.

In step 4 the booking is confirmed (1), the Booking confirmation page text (2) is shown, the credit card details are requested (3), the pricing details can be expanded (4) and the booking confirmation email is sent.

The step 5 is the last page and appears when the credit card details were successfully added to FOP and the text you added as Payment confirmation page text will appear.


FOP in the PNR

The credit card details provided will appear masked in the FOP field, as you can see below.







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