13. Specifying Private Fares

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To include your private fares in the search results, you need to add them to your backoffice. To do it go to the Settings page in your backoffice and scroll down until you find the "Private Fares" block.

Creating a Private Fare

To load a private fare, click on the "New Private Fare" button.

An overlay form will appear for you to fill-in with the private fare details.

1. Type
Start by selecting the type of private fare you wish to specify at the moment.

There are several types of private fares:
. Cat35
. Account Code
. Published
. Tour Code
. Cat35 with account code

To learn more about Private Fares contact your private fare providers or check "Ask Travelport" site here

The following fields will be present for all types of Private Fares

2. Carrier
The carrier that offered the private fare.

3. Origin-Destination | Airport & Country
Here you specify the origin-destination, you can do it by city/airport or country.

4. Type of journey | One-way & Round-trip
Lets you specify if the private fare is available for one-way, round-trip or both types of journeys.

And for Cat35, Tour Code and Cat35 with Account Code private fares you will also be able to specify the markup to be applied if any.
The markup can be an absolute amount and/or a percentage. To specify just select the corresponding checkbox type(s) and insert the markup amount/percentage applicable.

5. OSI
Lets you specify a string to be added as OSI when this private fare is used in a booking.

Although some fields are present for all types of private fares, some will only appear for some types of private fares.

Account Code and Cat35 with Account Code Private Fares
The following fields are also requested for Account Code and Cat35 with Account Code types.

6. Account Code
Add the account code associated with the private fares you want to show.

7. Description
You can use this field to add a description about the private fares associated with the Account Code you are adding. This field is not mandatory.

Tour Code Private Fares
For Tour Code fares you will need to fill-in also:

8. Tour Code
Add here the Tour Code associated with the private fares you want to show. 


Check below the forms for the other types of private fares.


After completing the form, click on the "Save" button and the fare will be added to the list.


Editing a Private Fare

To edit a private fare just click on the "pencil" icon inline with the private fare you wish to edit, change the information you want to and click on "Save".


Deleting a Private Fare

To delete a private fare just click on the "cross" icon of the private fare you wish to delete and confirm your action in the message box that requests your confirmation.



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