Creating an Arranger user

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An arranger is a role that allows a user to make bookings for travellers.


To create an arranger (or any other user role), go to "My Account" in the main menu and click on "Users". You will be taken to the list of users. 

To create an "Arranger" click on the "+" button, on the right above the users' list.


After clicking on the "+" button you will land on the creating a user page.


Who can create an "Arranger"

Agency admin users, company users with the role "Admin" and/or "Arranger" can create arrangers.

  • Agency admin users can create arrangers for any of their companies.
  • Company users with the role "Admin" and/or "Arranger" can create arrangers for their company.

Creating an "Arranger"


An "Arranger" is a user role available for companies, so select the company of the user in the Entity drop down.




TTS Corporate supports several users' roles: "Traveller", "Arranger", "Approver", "Admin" and a company user can accumulate several roles, e.g. one can be a "Traveller" and an "Arranger".

To create an arranger, select "Arranger".



Main information

Main information is a block common to all users regardless of the roles selected. It's where you enter the user's Name, Surname, Date of Birth, Email, Password, Status.

If the other fields are self-explanatory, there are some that require additional information.


If a user status is "Active", he will be able to enter the application and use it according to his roles permissions. On the other hand, if the user status is "Inactive", he will not be able to enter the application.


Contact information

This block is also common to all users but it is an optional block. It's where you can enter the user's Phone, Address, City, Postal Code and Country.




Travellers list

An arranger can search and book trips only for those travellers he is linked to.

The travellers' list section lets users specify the travellers to whom the arranger you are creating/editing can make bookings for. Only "Active" travellers will be available for selection (will appear in the left box).

Select the travellers you want to link to this arranger on the left box and click on the "Add" button to add them to the right box.


To remove, just select the travellers on the right box and click on the "Remove" button.

The travellers selected (the ones in the right box) are the ones that will be available for selection when this arranger goes to search & book.

Learn more about company user roles here. 


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