Approval workflows based on traveller custom remarks

Claudia Lopes -

You can choose to have different approvers depending on different traveller custom remarks.

Workflows based on custom remarks are optional and only required when a specific trip has multiple approvers depending on some variable.
A typical example is consulting firms where a specific person, depending on what project they are traveling for, will have a different set of approvers.
Because travelers may be required to fill in additional data at the time of booking, for example, project name, this will allow defining who the approver will be for any traveller that will fit those criteria.

Default Approver

Determine who is the default approver, which means they will approve when a traveller custom remark doesn’t have a specific approver. The default approver has the power to override the minimum approvals needed. For example, if a level has 2 minimum approvals and none of the remarks created apply to that traveller, the default approver has all the power of approval of that level. 

Then, click on the plus sign and determine who is the approver, what is the remark, and what is the value for that remark. 


In the example above, any trip by a traveller who works in the sales department will be approved by Joana Doe and any trip by a traveler who works in the marketing department will be approved by Maria Doe.

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