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To access the users’ list, go to "My Account" in the main menu and click on "Users". You will be taken to the list of users.


This area allows you to see the list of users divided into several pages.
You can see the following attributes in the list for each user:

  1. The letter in the beginning:
    1. “C” refers to a company user
    2. “A” refers to an agency user
  2. Name and Email are self-explanatory :)
  3. Company: refers to the entity to whom the user belongs to (it can have the agency name or a company name)
  4. Roles: lists the roles of each user
  5. Status: shows the status of the user

Search users

To search users, click on the magnifier icon, on the right above the users' list.


When you click on the search icon, the search area opens and you are able to insert your search criteria:



Search Fields


Searches users which user name contains the string searched. It is not case sensitive.


Searches users which email contains the string searched. It is not case sensitive.


When you start writing what you want to search, it builds a drop down with the options that match your input for you to choose what you want to search.


Searches users which company contains the string searched. It is not case sensitive.


Allows you to filter “Active” or “Inactive” users.




When you make a search, the search summary is visible in the top.



If you want to clear the search, just click on the “Clear” button.


Actions in bulk

The list of users lets you select several users and apply the same action to all of them.

You can apply the following actions to users:

  • Put users “Active”
  • Put users “Inactive”
  • “Delete” users


To select users to apply actions in bulk, select the checkboxes aligned with the users you want to affect and the action you want to apply on the “Actions” dropdown.



If you want to apply the actions to all the users in that page, you can “Select all”.


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