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TTS Corporate supports the ability to add a logo and a logo url for companies.

To make this feature configurable for a company, agencies need to activate the "Company Branding" setting for that company and to do that agencies need to have the "Advanced Agency Branding" add-on subscribed.


How does it work

If a company has a company logo associated and a logo url defined in their company's profile when a company users log in the application, the company logo appears in the application header (replacing the application logo or the agency logo whatever is in place) and when the user clicks in the company's logo it is redirected to the logo url defined.


How to activate and set up Company Branding

Agencies activate "Company Branding" via "Advanced Agency Branding" settings.

"Company Branding" can be activated per company and when the agency activates it, the "Company Branding" section appears in the company profile.

Either agencies and companies can set up the Company Logo and the Logo url in the company profile.


Step by Step Tutorial

Agency User

Go to Settings > Features & Services > Advanced Agency Branding.

Click on the "Company Content" tab.


Select the "Company Branding" checkbox for the company you wish to activate the feature. When you select the referred checkbox, the respective configuration icon will appear.

To configure the "Company Branding" (Company Logo and Logo URL), click on the configure icon that appears next to the respective checkbox.


When you click on the configure icon, you will be redirected to the company profile page and the page will be automatically placed in the "Company Branding" section:


Add the Company Logo and Logo URL for the company and save it.




Company User

This configuration is only available for company users with the admin role.

Go to My Account > My Company.

Scroll down until you see the "Company Branding" section. If there is no "Company Branding" section it is because your travel agency hasn't activated "Company Branding" to your company.


Add the Company Logo and Logo URL for your company and save it.


As soon as you save it, you will see the logo that you added placed on the application header.


How is the company logo displayed

When a company user logs in the application, he will see the company logo in the application header and if he clicks in the company logo, the logo url defined will open in another tab.




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