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Sometimes agencies and/or companies want to show custom information to the users throughout the booking process and TTS Corporate supports it.


How does it work

An agency can define per company, notes/alerts to show per content type:

  • Flights
  • Hotels
  • Rent-a-Car
  • Trains CP
  • Offline Requests

to show throughout the booking process namely in:

  • search form
  • search results and
  • current trip.

The note will appear like this (example if you choose flight content + search form):



How to activate and set up Notes per Content Type

Agencies activate and configure "Notes per Content Type" via "Advanced Agency Branding" settings.

Only agencies can set up "Notes per Content Type".


Step by Step Tutorial

Go to Settings > Features & Services > Advanced Agency Branding.

Click on the "Notes per Content Type" tab.


Here you can see the online status signs for the active content types per company. The content types that are not active don't have the sign and so the respective note for that content type is not available for configuration.

In the image above, since Acme company has GDS Core Flights, GDS Core Hotels, GDS Core Rent-a-Car, Trains CP and Offline Requests activated, the table has the status sign indicating that there are no notes online for all those content types. And since Zacme only has GDS Core Flights activated, the table only has the status sign for the Flights content type.


To configure or edit the "Notes per Content Type" for a certain company just click on its edit icon.



When you click on the edit icon, you can now configure the note for each active content type.


For each note per content type you have the following fields:

This option allows you to save the work you did and only make it available when it is ready. So while you are still working on the content to display, keep it not selected.
When you fill the content is ready to be put online, select this checkbox and the note will start appearing to the users.

Areas where to show the note
This option allows you to say where in the booking process you want the note to appear.

Flights, Hotels and Rent-a-Car types can have notes being displayed in the Search Form, the Search Results and the Current Trip.

Trains CP and Offline Requests types can have notes being displayed in the Search Form.

So for each note just select where you want to display the note.

Short description
This field allows to add the information that will be displayed in the note. This information is limited to 262 characters and the application will also eliminate automatically consecutive paragraphs and present just one. We recommend you to not use more that 2 paragraphs to accomplish a good balance/placement of the note in the page. 

If you wish to display more information we recommend you to use the long description.

The note block default colors are the following and are defined in the "Themes" tab of "Advanced Agency Brandind" settings:

  • the short description background uses the "Branding color"

  • the short description text uses the "Tabs text color"

  • the short description links use the "Url color"



Long description

In the long description, you can add additional information which will be accessible via a "+info" link in the note.


Don't forget to save the changes you made.


When you put a note per content type online, the Notes per Content Type table will reflect that state: the online notes will have a green check sign and the offline notes will have a red cross sign.



How it will show up in the booking process

Using the Notes per flights as an example:

Search form

If you choose to show the note in the "Search form", the note will appear in the top of the search form and will display the short description:



Search Results

If you choose to show the note in the "Search results", the note will appear in the top of the search results and will display the short description:



Current trip

If you choose to show the note in the "Current trip", the note will appear in the top of respective content type and will display the short description:



Access to the long description

The link "+info" in the note will appear when there is a long description defined for the note:


When the user clicks on the "+info" link, the modal window with the long description will open:


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