Activate access to my TAP Private Channel content for sub-agencies

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TTS Consolidator allows consolidators to give sub-agencies access to TAP Private Channel content so that the sub-agencies with who they work can continue to be competitive.



The consolidator needs to have a commercial agreement with TAP to access TAP Private Channel. Learn more here.


How does it work

Flight Search

When a consolidator activates TAP Private Channel for a sub-agency, when a sub-agency does a flight search, flight search results will be enriched with pricing options that TAP has made available via their Private Channel and to which the consolidator has access to.

To accomplish this, when a sub-agency makes a flight search, besides the flight search request(s) done in the sub-agency's PCC/SID similar search request(s) is done in the consolidator's PCC/SID. The flight search answers are then compared and if the answer for the request(s) made in the consolidator's PCC/SID contains TAP pricing options that are not included in the sub-agency flight search answer(s), those pricing options are added to the set of results to show to the user.

Note that since when a sub-agency makes a flight search, that search is also made in the consolidator's PCC/SID response time will increase.

TAP Private Channel will enrich searches made in the following modes:

  • Best price
  • Best price with Flexi Flights (Soon)
  • Calendar search (Soon)

TAP Private Channel will not be taken into consideration when booking is made via availability search.


Pricing options retrieved by TAP Private Channel are marked in the search results page as follows:



When the user books a pricing option retrieved by TAP Private Channel, that booking is created in the consolidator's PCC/SID since that content is only available to the consolidator.



How to activate TAP Private Channel for sub-agencies

To activate TAP Private Channel for a sub-agency, the consolidator needs to go to the main menu and click on Management > Agencies Management to access its sub-agencies list.

Click on the edit icon of the sub-agency for whom you wish to activate TAP Private Channel, to access that sub-agency profile.

In the sub-agency profile, scroll down to the bottom of the page until you find the "TAP Private Channel" setting.



To activate just select the "TAP Private Channel checkbox". When you select it a dialog appears explaining the impact of using TAP Private Channel and asking you to confirm that you want to activate this feature for this sub-agency.


To complete the activation just click on the "ok" button and the feature will be activated for that sub-agency.


Note that the activation of TAP Private Channel is only available for sub-agencies that are not "direct" because "direct" sub-agencies use the consolidator's PCC/SID and so have already access to all the content available to their consolidator.



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