Mandatory User Groups

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In order to prevent users from being created and not be associated with travel policies, you can set User Groups as mandatory. 


To do this, go to the Travel Policies page and the User Group Approval Workflows tab. After opening the User Group you want to, activate the option " Use as Mandatory Group". 



To associate a traveler to a User Group you need to go to the user creating/editing page. At the bottom of the page, you can find the field with the User Group options. If you are an admin, you can choose from any existing User Group, even if it’s not mandatory. If not, you can only choose from the mandatory User Groups.  





If there is at least one mandatory User Group, this field becomes mandatory. Even if you don't have mandatory User groups, you can associate a group to a traveler directly on the page for creating or editing it. Note that when there is not a mandatory group and a user is not associated with a group, he/she will not be part of any Travel Policy and therefore, bookings will be automatically approved. 


On this page, you can also create a Personal Approval Workflow. It is created exactly like a User Group Approval Workflow (how to create a User Group Approval Workflow) but is only associated with one traveler.  


If you are importing users, there are a few things to keep in mind: 

  • If the Traveler has no group assigned and there is only one mandatory group: this group is automatically assigned to the traveller and the traveller is accepted.  
  • If the Traveller does not have any groups assigned and there are several mandatory groups: the traveler is refused and it is reported as an error with the indication. "Mandatory Group is required. Automatic assignment not possible due to the existence of multiple mandatory groups" 
  • If the Traveller already comes with an assigned group, this group is accepted and the mandatory ones are ignored.


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