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Since January 31st, 2022,  the approval workflow logic in the import file is different. Please read the full article to learn more about the changes.


Please note this refers to the import sheet template to import users to TTS Corporate, which you can find here:




Create New User

Go to the tab "Users" on the file. Each line is related to a user. To create a new one, fill the mandatory fields accordingly:

  • Action: "CREATE"
  • Status: "Active"
  • Is Traveller: "Yes"/"No" 
  • Is Arranger: "Yes"/"No"
  • Is Approver: "Yes"/"No"
  • Is Admin: "Yes"/"No"
  • Title: "MR"/"MRS"/"MISS"/"MSTR"
  • Name
  • Surname
  • Has Login: "YES" (If the user does not have a login, please create it on the interface)
  • Email

All other fields are not mandatory. Fill them in according to the information you have.

  • Date Of Birth
  • PTC
  • Department Address
  • Postal code
  • City Country code
  • Phone
  • Phone Country
  • Gender
  • Document Type
  • Document Number
  • Document number expiration date
  • Nationality
  • Document country of issue
  • Notes
  • Frequent Flyer Cards
  • Hotel Membership Cards
  • Rent-a-car Membership Cards
  • User Group Approval Workflow
  • Arrangers
  • Passenger Custom Remarks
  • Arranger Passenger Custom Remarks


Edit a User

In the "Users" tab, you can edit a user the same way you create one. The difference is you should write "UPDATE" in the "Action" field.

Delete a User

If you want to delete any user, change the value in the "Action" collum to "DELETE".

No change

If you don't want to change anything about a user, set the value in the "Action" collum to "NOCHANGE".


There are specific tabs in the import file regarding approval workflows. The first one is called Approval Workflows. In this sheet you need to fill out all the information about the approval workflow, the behaviour in-policy and out-of-policy, type of workflow, etc. The other tab is called "approvers" and this is where you fill out the information about each approver, what level do they approve, does it uses remarks, etc. 

Approval workflows

Create/edit an approval workflow

To create/edit an approval workflow, go to the tab "Approval Workflows" and fill in the mandatory fields:

  • Action: "CREATE"/"EDIT"
  • Approval workflow name
  • Travel Policy Name
  • Is Personal: "Yes"/"No"
  • Is Mandatory: "Yes"/"No"
  • Managers: Email addresses of all the managers of that workflow, separated by a semicolon
  • In Policy Workflow: "AutoApproval"/"NeedApproval"/"AutoApprovalWarning"
  • Out of Policy Workflow: "Forbidden"/"AutoApproval"/"AutoApprovalWarning"/"NeedApproval"/"Hidden"
  • Use Different Configurations: "Yes"/"No" (Use different configurations for In-Policy and Out-of-Policy Approval Workflows.)

Fill the following fields for in policy and out of policy workflows, as well as for each level:

  • Workflow Type: "Sequential"/"Parallel"
  • Minimum Approvals: Number of minimum approvals needed for the level. 
  • Hours until Default Behavior: Number of hours that the system waits for the pending approval in this level.
  • Default Approver Behavior: Default approval behavior after waiting for the defined number of hours.

Delete an approval workflow

If you want to delete an approval workflow, change the value in the "Action" collum to "DELETE".

No change

If you don't want to change anything about an approval workflow, set the value in the "Action" collum to "NOCHANGE".



In the tab approvers, fill out all fields:

  • Approval Workflow Name
  • Approver
  • Level: 1-5
  • In or Out of Policy: "IN"/"OUT"
  • User Remark: "YES"/"NO"
  • Is Default: "YES"/"NO"
  • Remark
  • Remark Value

Changing the level of the approver

You can only edit approvers inside the level. You cannot change levels, if you want to, you need to change the level of an approver, please copy the approver row. In the copied line write the level you want to move the approver to, and write "DELETE" in the original line. 


Changing the order of the approvers

If a level is sequential, the order of the approvers is critical. The order of the approvers is determined by the order of the row in the import file. Please note that, if you write the value "UPDATE" in one of the approvers, that approver will be sent to the end of the list. You have to be careful about this so that the order doesn't become what you don't want.




In this case, the approval request email will be sent in this order: Anna, Betty, Chris, Daniel, Eduarda.



In this case, Chris will be automatically sent to the end of the list. So the approval request email will be sent in this order: Anna, Betty, Daniel, Eduarda, Chris.

To keep the original order you need to write "UPDATE" to the rest of the approvers. Like this:


In this case, the order is the original order: Anna, Betty, Chris, Daniel, Eduarda.


We advise you that if you want to change the order, you should "UPDATE" all the approvers and change the order manually.


If you need more information about each field, please read the note in the file specific to that collumn. 





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