Managing how GDS Flight bookings are handled (payment and queues)

Claudia Lopes -

One of your first steps on TTS Corporate will be to configure content to your own needs and goals.


Go to “Settings” > Content > GDS Core fights as seen below.




After this, select the “Main Settings” tab.

Here you will have visuals of any configurations previously made on TTS Corporate. You can edit those, and/or create a new one.




To create a new configuration, click on the + sign. This action will open the following settings.


Decide from the "Company" dropdown menu, if the configuration you are setting will be active for all companies or for a specific one. You can set several configurations in order to have different settings for each company.

As seen above, here you can:

  • set a queue for when a booking is made;
  • Set a queue for tickets ready for ticketing;
  • Set a queue for cancelled bookings.

*These fields are available for your best interest as they are not mandatory.


Additionally, you can also enable offline payments by ticking the “allow offline payment” box. If this option is left blank, credit card payment will be the only option available once a booking is made via GDS. Remember you are configuring these options for GDS Core Flights and will have to follow similar steps for each content (hotels, rent-a-car, etc).


To visit the "Content Setup" area and learn settings for each content, click here.



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