Is there a limit to users on TTS Corporate?

Claudia Lopes -

As of today, there is no limit to how many users you can have on TTS Corporate. By default, each company comes with 50 active users available. 

If more than 50 users are required, you can simply activate additional users via "Customization" on the main menu bar > Features and Services:

  • 50 Additional Users
  • 250 Additional Users
  • 500 Additional Users
  • 1000 Additional UsersCaptura_de_ecra__2022-07-12__a_s_21.58.14.pngCaptura_de_ecra__2022-07-12__a_s_21.58.33.png

Packs can be of 50, 250, 500 or 1000 additional users for a specific company. To add more users, click manage below the quantity of users you wish and assign the companies to add users. 

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