Adding funds to my TTS Corporate to enable specific content and features

Nicole Silva -

You can add funds directly on TTS Corporate to easily activate content and features needed for each company- As charges for this product are managed within the product directly with TTS, you will directly add funds on TTS Corporate. 

To do so, select "My Account" > Add Funds.

Please Note: This is limited to the Admin listed as the “Responsible Person” only.





  • Select from the dropdown menu, the deposit you wish to make:
    • 50 USD
    • 100 USD
    • 150 USD
    • 200 USD
    • 250 USD
    • 500 USD
    • 1000 USD
    • 2000 USD
    • 5000 USD
  • Select the desired payment option. Click "Add Funds" to follow through with your request.

Now you will be able to subscribe to any extra content and features available at the "Customization" section or simply continue using TTS Corporate as it is already setup. 












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