What credentials does a company user need to access TTS Corporate?

Nicole Silva -

To login on the platform, a user of one of your companies will need:

  • Email used to create the user account on TTS Corporate;
  • Password;
  • Company LoginID.

Note that when you are creating a new user, the system will automatically assign a random password to the given user, which you can change if you wish. 


As an Admin, you can consult a specific user credentials. Go to "My Account" > Users. Click on the pencil icon (edit) to open up the user information and verify email. The password was the one available on the "password" fill-in box at the time of that user's creation. If you forgot to note it down or the user forgot it, he/she can simply retrieve it by clicking the "forgot password" at the login page of TTS Corporate. 



If you forgot the Company loginID of a company, go to "My Account" > Companies.


This will gather the login information needed to share with a specific user so that he/she can login.




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