Activating content and features for your companies

Claudia Lopes -

It is important to know that any user/company will only be able to access content once it is activated on TTS Corporate to those specific companies.

To do this, go to the "Customization" tab where you will retrieve all "Content" and "Features".




Click "Manage" below the Content / Feature you wish to handle.


As an example, by clicking on the first content "GDS Core Flights" you will be able to activate GDS Core Flights content to the selected companies. Read and agree with the terms and conditions of this feature and choose if you want the configuration to be active/inactive to submit your request. Click "Update" (see below).



After this is done and placed as active, GDS Core Flights content will be available for that company to search and book using the "Search & Book" tab.


Hence all Content and Features you want to be applied to a company will have to be activated on the "Customization" tab, or else they won't have any effect.

e.g. You can do the complete setup for Travel Policies, Region Groups, etc, nevertheless, these features will only be effective once activated on "Customization".




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