Can I access my negotiated fares on TTS Corporate?

Nicole Silva -

Yes. If you or any of your clients have private fares with one or more airlines, hotel or rent-a-car providers, you can add these to TTS Corporate. 

To do so, click on "Settings" > Features & Services > Private Fares



Select the desired tab to add your negotiated fares: 

  • GDS Air Private Fares
  • GDS Hotel Private Fares
  • GDS Rent-a-Car Private Fares


Now, let's use the GDS Air Private Fares as an example. 


  • Authorized Private Fares:
    • Simply choose to activate your private fares per company or set them up for all. 
  • Account Codes:
    • Here is where you will add your and/or your client(s) account codes to redeem these fares on TTS Corporate.
  • Blacklisted Carriers:
    • If there is a narrower type of private fares you do not wish to be retrieved on search, here is where you will do it.


Now that you know where you can add private fares, let's learn how to do it here.




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