Regions on TTS Corporate

Claudia Lopes -

This feature gathers sets of countries or city airports to ease the process of applying air private fares as well as blacklisted private fares to all routes of a designated region. TTS Corporate already comes with default consistent region sets and you can also create new regions.



Click on the + sign to create a new region.


  • Creating a new region:
    • Name your new Region.
    • Choose to select either from countries or cities / airports.
    • Select the countries / cities you wish to be part of the region and click the "add" button to move those to the right-hand column.
    • Click "save".

Regions will be available for you to select when you're applying private fares.


*Make sure "Regions" are activated on the "Customization" area in order for these to be effective. This goes to every other feature on TTS Corporate. 


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