Setting up Travelfusion Flights configurations

Claudia Lopes -

To manage your Travelfusion flight content, go to "Settings" > Content > Travelfusion Flights, as seen below.


Click on the "Main Settings" tab from the new bar. 


  1. Create passive segments for Travelfusion flight bookings in my GDS.
    Tick this box if you need passive segments to be created on your PCC/SID
  2. Associate the primary traveler's email to the booking instead of the booking agent's email.
    If you tick this box, any relevant information given by the airline (ticketing information, alterations, receipts, etc) will be directly sent to the primary traveler. 

To configure a new setting, click the + sign.

  • Choose if you wish to apply this configuration to all companies or for a specific one. You can create as many settings as you need for each company.
  • TravelFusion Fight payments:
    • Decide if the payment will be made using the client's credit card or one of the credit cards stored by your agency on TTS Corporate.
  • Choose a queue where these bookings will land (if you wish to do so).
  • Decide if the markup fees will only be applied when you're using an agency credit card.
  • Click "save".


Now you can move along to the next tab "Preferences" if you want to add preferred and/or blacklisted Travelfusion flights. Click here to know more. 

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