Personalize your TTS Corporate with Advanced Agency Branding

Claudia Lopes -

TTS Corporate allows you to personalize a substantial amount of features with your own agency branding adding your personal business stamp and engaging trust into your corporate deals. 


Go to "Settings" > Features & Services > Advanced Agency Branding.




On "Site Settings" you can add your own logo, your Login logo* and your Sub Own domain.

*Be aware that the Login logo will only be available if you access TTS Corporate through the Agency Sub Own Domain.

Additionally, you can also link here your business social networks. Click save.




The "Themes" section allows you to select your TTS Corporate appearance. Refer to the image below. 


Select the desired scheme colors for each menu(s) and click save. You can also reset colors to the original color scheme.



If you wish, you can also configure the static pages. Move along to the "Static Pages" section and click the pencil icon (edit) of the page you wish to view and/or change (see below).




The "Email Templates" tab is where you can personalize all email messages sent from TTS Corporate with the relevant actions and notifications triggered by the software. By default, all email templates are clean and ready to be filled in. Have a look below to better understand the actioned emails sent by TTS Corporate. 


Click the pencil icon to edit an email template. Be aware that by clicking the double document icon, you will replicate the selected header and footer to the remain documents. 


Click here to learn about Company Content.

Click here to learn about Notes per Content Type.





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