Setting up GDS Core Flights configurations

Claudia Lopes -

To manage your GDS Core Flights content, go to "Settings" > Content > GDS Core Flights.



Click on the "Main Settings" tab from the new bar, as seen below.




The list of main settings already configured for companies will appear here. 

to add a new one, click the + icon.

  • Choose a company or all to configure.
  • Select if offline payments are allowed (e.g. Cash, Bank transfer or Contract).
  • You can assign queues for your bookings here:
    • assign a queue to send created bookings;
    • assign a queue to send bookings ready for ticketing;
    • assign a queue to send any cancelled bookings.
  • Click "Save".

Now you can move along to  "Preferences" where you can add any preferred and/or blacklisted flight carrier(s). Click here to know more. 



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