Configuring fees to GDS Core Hotels

Claudia Lopes -

On TTS Corporate, you can add Fees to each one of your Contents and companies. Additionally you can also add your own Markup fees.


To set up GDS Core Hotel Fees go to "Settings" > Content > GDS Core Hotels. 



Choose "Fees" tab from the new menu bar.


If any, you can view your already created fees which you will be able to edit (by clicking the pencil icon) and/or delete by clicking X. 


To add a new Fee configuration, click the + icon (refer to the image above).

  • Company
    • Select effectiveness for all companies or choose one.
  • Type of Fee
    • Is defined as "Service Fee".
  • Set mandatory start date for when this fee will be activated (end date is not mandatory).
  • Amount
  • Amount %
  • % Based On
    • If you choose to fill in a percentage amount (Amount %), you will have to specify here if this applies to the Fare or to the Total price.
  • Click "Save".

Other interactive options:

    • The magnifying glass will allow you to search for an existing fee
    • The pencil icon will allow you to modify an existing fee
    • The x will allow you to delete a fee
    • Export allows the agency admin to export these fees to excel
    • Clicking on the headings will allow you to reorder the results


If you wish to add Markup Fees to GDS Core Hotels, check here to see how you can do it. 

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