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When you first login on TTS Corporate you will land directly at the Search and Book page.


Notice you can choose which content to search on the secondary menu. Either Flights, Hotels, Rent-a-Car or Offline Request are available at the picture above. These options on the Search & Book screen depend on what content has been subscribed for the company selected in the dropdown Company box. 


This screen allows the user to make a travel booking either for themselves or on behalf of a traveller depending on their role.

  • All travellers can make their own bookings and will see only their name appear in the passenger drop down;
  • The Agency Admin can create bookings on behalf of all travellers in the database as they have the option to select the company as well as the traveller on the search and book;
  • Travel Arrangers can make bookings on behalf of travellers who have been assigned to their profile.

Let's have a look at the visuals of an Agency Admin in the Flight section of the Search and Book screen:


Booking Process:


  • Choose the Company from the dropdown menu to which you will search and book;
  • Complete your search details by choosing type of journey, origin and destination, dates and hours (if relevant). Details like class and carrier will narrow your search for the criteria selected;
  • Select traveller(s) from the drop down list;
  • If segments are already held in the current trip field the passenger drop down field will be locked with the current traveller details;
  • Click "Search".


To have a look at an example of flight search results screen, click here.






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