Remarks and Backoffice Integration on TTS Corporate

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To set up a printer address for the MIR and configure Remarks go to "Settings" > Features and Services > Back Office Integration.


MIR Settings:

  • Add Printer Address.




Agencies and companies might need to add specific information to the booking or request specific information to the user to be added to the booking like cost center. You can do that in this section.



In this section, there are a few actions you can follow:

  • The + allows you to create a new remark (see details below);
  • The magnifying class will allow you to search for an existing record;
  • The pencil icon will allow you to modify an existing setting;
  • The x will allow you to delete a setting;
  • The lines at the end of the existing records allows you to reorder the remarks on the traveller details screen;
  • Export allows the Agency Admin to export the records to excel;
  • Clicking on the headings will allow you to reorder the results.


To create a new Remark, click the + icon (refer to the image above):

  • Company – Select ‘All’ to apply the settings to all companies or use the dropdown menu to create settings for a specific company;
  • Label – Free text which will appear on the traveller detail page;
  • Name – Free text which will generate into the GDS PNR in the DI field;
  • Separator – The character used to separate the remark name from its value in the GDS PNR;
  • Value Type – Type of input box that will be shown on the traveller detail page (numeric, text, etc);
  • Default Value – Text that will be written by default in the value input box;
    • Mandatory – Tick box to make the remark mandatory for the traveller/travel arranger to complete;
    • Visibility – Tick box to make the remark visible to the traveller/travel arranger;
    • Status – Select between ‘Active’ and ‘Inactive’;
    • Click ‘Save’.


In this area, you can also add Traveller Custom Remarks (see below).



As agencies and companies may want to add specific traveller information to the booking or request specific traveller information to the user to be added to the booking, like the employee number or department or even a project the trip relates to. You can do that in this section.

Fill in details are similar to Remarks, with two additional details:

  • Editable:
    • Choose if the remark will be editable or not during the booking proccess;
  • Send to Arranger, Approver and Traveler:
    • Custom remark will be included in the emails sent to Arranger, Approver and Traveler.




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