Configure your Agency's Profile

Claudia Lopes -

You should already have some of your basic information on your agency's profile on TTS Corporate after provisioning is settled and TTS Corporate is connected to your GDS.

To consult your Agency information, go to "My Account" > My Agency.



Main Information

  • Agency Name / Address / Phone / Fax


Bookings Information

  • Agency Short Name – this will be added to the phone field in the PNR;
  • Bookings Phone – this will be added to the phone field in the PNR;
  • Currency – this is the default currency for TTS Corporate;
  • Responsible Person (The person from the agency who requested TTS Corporate):
    • This is a drop-down menu listing all Travel Agency Admins which can be selected;
    • If you click on the icon at the end of the dropdown it will take you to the “My Profile” page for that person.


To see how to configure your Terms and Conditions and add your Credit Card(s), click here.


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