Visual guilt on TTS Corporate

Claudia Lopes -

TTS Corporate has one very useful configuration called "Visual Guilt". This feature allows configuring a certain time range that will be triggered once a booking is chosen on the Book and Search area. Let's see how this works. Go to "Settings" > Features & Services > Visual Guilt. 



By clicking on the pencil icon you can edit configurations already established or delete any by clicking X.

  • To create a new setting, click the + sign.
    • Select company;
    • Select Hour Range.

E.g. Let's say I have a Visual Guilt with a one Hour Range Setting. If a user chooses to book a certain flight, and there is another cheaper option available in the same hour range, the system will let me know that (See the example below).


As someone is trying to book this TAP flight, the system is letting him/her know that there are cheaper flights for the one-hour range window, in this case, with Vueling.


This information will also be visible to Arrangers and Approvers of the user booking this selection.






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