Editing an existing Company

Claudia Lopes -

If you need to change/edit any company already created on TTS Corporate, go to "My Account" > Companies. Once the list loads proceed to:

  • Click the pencil icon next to the company name;
  • Make your changes and click “SAVE”:
    • All fields marked with an * are mandatory;
    • Responsible Person – this is the key contact within the Company – ie. A Company Admin
  • Choose from the dropdown the Company Admin.
    • Travel Agents Assigned – this is the person within the Travel Agency who will be notified by email:
      • When a booking is made;
      • When ticketing has been requested;
      • only agency admins can be selected from this dropdown menu.


  • Select if you wish any of the bookings and content search options. If you activated company branding for the company you are editing, extra details regarding this company branding will be visible below this image to fill in.


To check how to enable Advanced Agency Branding, click here.

To check how to enable company branding, click here.

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