I can't login on TTS Corporate. What do I do?

Nicole Silva -

If you or one of TTS Corporate users reaches out to the agency because he/she is not able to login, one of these issues can be happening:

  • If the password is incorrect or forgotten, the user must click the "forgot password" link on the login area. Even as an Agency Admin, you won't be able to retrieve the password as it was generated only once, at the time of creation of that same user and won't be displayed afterwards;
  • When clicking the "forgot password", the user needs to enter the email address into the recover password field. Click “Recover” to be notified that an email was sent to the inbox.


The user would then click on the link in the email in order to retrieve the reset screen.

  • The user can now reset their password.


  • If, after receiving directions to set up a new password, the user is still unable to login, most likely the user is inactive:
    • Check the user details and see if the user is active/inactive. Activate user again.


Note: If you run out of funds for your settled features and services for a company, users will be inactive and therefore, won't be able to access TTS Corporate. You will need to add more funds in order to continue.


If you ran through these solutions and are still unable to login, please let us know by sending us an email with detailed information of your issue and a screenshot, if possible to support@tts.com.


To know how to add funds, click here.


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