Search and Booking Process

Claudia Lopes -

Now that you already understand how to start your search and booking process, we invite you for a visual trip to the Search and Booking Process on TTS Corporate. Let's use a flight search as an example. 

1. Start your flight search.


2. See flight results screen.


3. Experiment! Click any interactive icon to see it work. For instance, when clicking the fare type, a window with those fare rules will pop up like this:



Another example: Try to select a flight and then click the "check more fares".



A Brands and Ancillaries screen will open with more fares available to select for the same flight. 


4. Select the flight you wish and click the shopping cart to book.



5. Fill in the required details, accept fare rules and add payment details.


6. Click "Book Now" to land on the confirmation screen.


An email is sent to the travel agency admin (the person who is listed as the main contact for the company) to proceed with ticketing.



Bookings can then be checked at "My Trips", on the main menu.



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