Add Corporate IDs to your flight content

Claudia Lopes -

If you or your clients have any Corporate ID (Company Identification Code), which will generate into the PNR into the OSI field, you can add it on TTS Corporate. These are codes that airlines give to Companies, so they can identify the revenue generated by each company.


Navigating from the main menu, click "Settings" > Content > GDS Core Flights. Once there, click on "Corporate IDs" from the secondary menu (see below).


  • Click on the + sign to add a new record;
  • Company – select the company from the dropdown menu;
  • Corporate ID – add the Corporate ID;
  • Carrier Name – add the carrier name or airline code to this field and then select the carrier from the dropdown list;
  • Carrier Code – this is automatically generated when the carrier name is added to the previous screen (this cannot be edited);
  • Click ‘Save’.


  • The magnifying class will allow you to search for an existing record.
  • The pencil icon will allow you to modify an existing record.
  • The x will allow you to delete a Corporate ID.
  • Export allows the agency admin to export these records to excel.
  • Clicking on the headings will allow you to reorder the results.



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